Case Study – Ellicott City Residence

The owners of this home were asking for a contemporary design to include a lap pool, built-in spa, fireplace, and entertainment space. The rear yard of this residence was essentially a narrow strip of lawn that was bordered by the house on one side and a slope leading to dense forest on the other side. While this presented a significant challenge to create much usable space, it did lend itself to a linear, contemporary look.

The residents were presented with two options for the layout of their new back yard and ultimately chose one concept with little modification. The concept included a 14’ x 40’ rectangular swimming pool fitted with an automatic cover to help keep leaves out of the water. A raised spa with a sheer decent waterfall was placed along the center of the pool and aligned with a set of large windows on the house. A new staircase was added to the existing deck to provide a physical connection to the new pool area. The staircase splits in two directions leading to the pool on one side and the fireplace and patio on the other. To create more space, an under deck drainage system was retrofitted to the existing deck creating a dry patio space while also brightening the space. The pavers for this project were carefully selected to enhance the contemporary nature of the design and compliment the colors of the house. Low maintenance, deer resistant plantings and low voltage LED lighting were added to compliment this design.

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