Concept Master Plan Services

Base Plan & Program Development

Rhine Landscaping will conduct on-site investigations to gather data regarding existing improvements (i.e., buildings, sidewalks, driveways, etc.) and existing natural features (i.e., vegetation, drainage ways, limited topography and elevations, etc.). We will use this data and any plans provided by you (i.e., plat plan, site development plans, architectural plans, etc.) to create an accurate base plan for use in the design process. Rhine Landscaping does not provide property line or topographic surveys. If required, these surveys will be the responsibility of the property owner. As part of the data gathering exercise, we will work with you to develop a program of elements (Scope of Design Work) that you desire to be incorporated into the proposed design.

Concept Development

We will use the electronic base plan to begin our design efforts. The concept plan will be developed using the program of elements and will depict the form and character of the proposed improvements. The concept plan will allow us to examine the relationships and connections between the different features.

Note: The Concept Master Plan will depict individual trees and/or shrubs and perennial/groundcover massings; specific individual plant species are not identified at this conceptual stage. Detailed construction drawings and/or elevations for elements such as built-in barbecues, pavilions, pergolas, fireplaces and swimming pools are not included at this conceptual stage.

Construction drawings and/or construction details are provided as necessary to ensure proper construction and only after a project is contracted for installation. If construction drawings or illustrations are required for permitting or H.O.A. approvals, they will be provided by the appropriate contractor and /or provided on an hourly basis by Rhine Landscaping LLC.

Presentation & Discussion

Once the plans are complete, we will invite you to our office for a presentation and discussion. The presentation and discussion is intended to be a work session where we will review the proposed plans and the vision behind their design and layout, receive valuable feedback from you, and perform any necessary revisions or modifications. At the conclusion of the meeting, we will review various construction materials with which we have used with success.