Design Build Agreement

The Design Build Agreement is essentially a good faith commitment between you and Rhine Landscaping to begin our design/build process. At this stage, our clients are at one of two stages with their project. They either have a completed Concept Master Plan or they are deciding to streamline the design build process and enter into this agreement from the onset. Whichever scenario, at this point the client is comfortable with both a project scope and an approximated cost and has decided to move forward.

To best assist our clients we established the Design Build Agreement. As part of this agreement a project deposit is required and in return we place your project in our construction schedule at the onset (if timing is important to you) as we further evaluate your project in the following aspects:

  • Develop Concept Master Plan (if not already completed)
  • Break project into logical efficient phases/components
  • Evaluate various construction techniques and recommend best approach
  • Identify material choices and discuss viable options if necessary

By breaking down the project this way we can evaluate the design to make certain the project is giving you the ‘biggest bang for your dollar’ and if necessary look for areas where the project can be tweaked to reduce cost or better fit your budget.

Your deposit is applied 100% toward the installation of the project when it is contracted to build (with Rhine Landscaping LLC.) and is nonrefundable if you decide to not proceed. This process ensures that your project is tailored exactly to your individual needs, taste and budget necessities. Your project deposit is based on the breakdown shown below: 

Deposit Breakdown

Project Budget Deposit Required
 $50,000–$100,000 $5,000
 $100,000–$150,000 $10,000
 $150,000–$200,000 $15,000
Greater than $200,000 $20,000

Note: Construction drawings and/or construction details are provided as necessary to ensure proper construction and only after a project is contracted for installation. If construction drawings or illustrations are required for permitting or H.O.A. approvals, they will be provided by the appropriate contractor and /or provided on an hourly basis by Rhine Landscaping LLC.