Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are very common in our line of work and can be used in many ways in a landscape setting. Generally, the more restricted or congested the site, the greater the need for retaining walls to provide usable space for landscape purposes. Some retaining walls are necessary, built to fulfill a structural need, while other walls are built for visual appeal. Retaining walls built for visual effect sometimes feature an informal shape; they often complement other landscape features such as plants and hardscapes.

Retaining walls can be used for:

  • Function – to create more space or make the environment more functional
  • Elevate Patios – to create multiple levels and outdoor living spaces. We can also add more interest by adding additional hardscape features that fit to your lifestyles such as water features, water falls, fire pits and/or outdoor kitchen spaces.
  • Elevate Gardens – to add interest to your landscaping and make it more visually appealing

Rhine Landscaping uses high quality materials that are pleasing to the eye and accentuate the architecture of your home and environment. We use the following materials for your retaining walls:

  • Manufactured Concrete Walls/Segmental Wall Block
  • Block Walls faced with Stone or Brick
  • Natural Stone or Cultured Stone
  • Brick Veneer Walls
  • Bond Beam Pool Walls
  • Engineered Walls / Poured Concrete, Block, Segmental Block
  • From Small Seat Walls to Massive Engineered / Structural Walls

Complement your retaining wall with some landscaping, walkway and /or patio from Rhine Landscaping. Our Landscape Designers are happy to assist you with your project.

Call Rhine Landscaping today at 410-442-2445, if you are looking for new retaining walls to enhance your landscaping, hardscaping, and swimming pools. Our designers and landscapers can turn your dreams into reality.