Rhine’s History

Rhine Landscaping, located in western Howard County, is situated on the Rhine family farm. The farm has been owned by the Rhine family since 1923. Jay Rhine is the current owner of the farm as well as the founder and president of Rhine Landscaping. Jay took over farm operations at the age of 19, when his father, Jack, died of lung cancer.

In 1996, Jay started cutting grass and landscaping on the side to earn income to help subsidize the increasing costs of running a farm. Over the years, the landscape company grew as dairy operations on the farm diminished. By 2003, Rhine landscaping had grown to a company of more than 50 employees, while the farm had diminished to 350 working acres, 1/5 of what it had been just 7 years earlier.

Today, Jay still owns and operates the farm, although, on a much smaller scale. In 2000, Rhine Landscaping acquired its first designer, later adding a landscape architect and additional designers to the staff.  Rhine Landscaping operates primarily in Howard, Carroll, Baltimore, Montgomery, and portions Frederick Counties. However, they have traveled as far as Ocean City, Washington County, and Kent Island to design and install custom landscaping elements. Rhine has earned one of the most respected names in the landscaping industry and continues to strive to provide excellent products and service.

Rhine Family, July 2023

Sports play a significant role in the Rhine family’s life. Jay Rhine’s sons, Jack and Preston, actively participate in various travel and school sports teams. As of Fall 2023, Jack, a freshman at high school, has been playing lacrosse for Zingos’ travel team for six years, soccer for SAC’s travel team for five years, and has five years of experience in HCYP basketball. Impressively, Jack served as the Co-Captain of Marriotts Ridge High School’s JV Soccer team this year. His younger brother, Preston, who is in the 7th grade, is in his third year with Zingos Lacrosse, fifth year playing soccer for SAC, and is a member of the Mount View Middle School basketball team.

Jay Rhine ontributes significantly as well, serving as an assistant coach for both sons’ soccer teams, a former head coach for their HCYP basketball teams, and currently as the Head Coach for the Mount View Middle School JV Basketball team. Jay Rhine expresses his passion for sports involvement, stating, “I love being involved with my sons in sports; it’s the best! I get to do something I love while spending substantial time with my boys, watching them form friendships that will hopefully endure a lifetime.”

On October 11, 2011, Jay Rhine along with brother Matt, and sister Megan took their mother, Susan, on a hot air balloon ride for her birthday. Friendship hot air balloon company did the flying (“It was fantastic!” – Jay) and took off from the Rhine family farm. In the process we were able to take a few pictures of the farm and our facilities to share with you.

In this picture, you can see some of the 141-acre farm; Jay’s white farm house and out buildings for the cattle and horses is in the center of the photo. In the foreground, you can see the Rhine Landscaping facility; to the left is the main shop/offices; the round top building is for topsoil manufacturing in the spring and round bale hay storage in the winter. The long building and the smaller barn were used until 2003 for milking Holstein cattle and are now used for general storage. On the farm we currently house horses, longhorn Watusi cattle, and one bison named Cindy. All of the animals ran to the back of the farm when the balloon went up.

hot air balloon

This building was constructed approximately 10 years ago to be home to Rhine Landscaping. The building to the right in the foreground was for the Holstein milking operation (built in 1974 by John Lee Rhine, Jr.). The Rhine’s milked cows on this farm from 1923-2003 (80 years). Jessie Rhine, John Lee Rhine, John Lee Rhine, Jr. (Jack) and John Lee Rhine, III (Jay). Jay Rhine milked for 9 years while starting and building up the landscape company. Jay milked approximately 140 Holsteins twice a day at 1am and 1pm. His great-grandfather started with 9 cows.

rhine landscaping farm

This cover-all cloth building was erected in 2008. In the spring we create screened topsoil and store it inside to keep it dry and weed free. In the winter it doubles as a round bale storage building to keep the rain and snow off the food for all of the cattle and horses. You can also see our paver and stone storage area as well as the plant holding area (black cloth suspended by telephone poles). It has an automatic water system that shades and regulates the water to plants until we install them at your home.

rhine landscaping office

December 2015 Jay Rhine took the entire Woodford Farm operation and the Rhine headquarters solar.  “Renewable energy is just a responsible thing to implement in today’s business world. To have the opportunity to make it happen and not make that into reality just seems lazy to me”.   –Jay Rhine.

98KW solar system was installed on our farm. We installed Suniva panels, they are US based company. We installed a total of 300 panels between the two buildings. We contracted with Solar Energy World out of Elkridge in Howard County and were very please with the process from start to finish and would highly recommend them.

“It was important to me that we used a local business to do our install and that we chose a panel from a U.S. based business.”  –Jay Rhine.

rhine solar

On May 14, 2019, Jay and this Rhine Team posed for a photo together.  Nearing 24 years in business!

Greg – Lead Project Designer, Architect
Jackie – Landscaping & Construction Designer
Dan – Lead Project Designer, Architect
Ken – Landscaping & Construction Designer