Winter Landscaping

Even when there’s snow on the ground, landscaping will prove beneficial for your property!

Winter may mean cold temperatures, slow-growing grass, and falling leaves, but it does not mean that your property no longer needs careful maintenance. Throughout the winter, properties require regular landscape maintenance and tree care to ensure continued health and growth in the warmer months. Overlooking winter landscaping can have consequences for the future look, health, longevity, and growth of your property. For these reasons, it is important to maintain your property year round.

Winter Landscaping Leads To Spring Growth

One of the largest benefits of proactive year-round landscape maintenance is that it prepares your trees and plants for springtime growth. Pruning trees in the winter gives them time to heal and store energy so they are ready to thrive in the spring. Well-fertilized lawns and landscape gardens that are cared for carefully during the winter months are also stronger, healthier, and more beautiful in the spring, summer, and fall. A landscape maintenance company can take care of all of this for you, and make sure your property thrives.

Pruning And Planting Is Easier

You can make dramatic changes to the health, beauty, and value of your property by adding trees and plants during the winter months. Winter’s dormant growing season is ideal for letting newly planted flowers and trees recover and establish strong roots over a prolonged period of time. Pruning trees is also far easier in the winter months, because fallen leaves reveal hidden breaks and other damage which can be corrected to preserve tree health.

Stop Weed Growth, Pests, and Diseases

While weeds, invasive insects, and tree diseases are less prevalent in the winter, it is a common misconception that they stop entirely. They can still cause damage and hurt the health of your property during the colder months. The immediate and long term health of lawns, gardens, and trees can be completely destroyed if these health risks are not dealt with swiftly. Being proactive about the health of your property in the winter can save you the high replacement, removal, and care costs of massive property fixes come spring.

Winter Landscaping Brightens Up Any Property

The colder months are infamously dull and gray, and this can take a toll on your property. Without the leaves on trees and bright perennials, a lawn or garden can look bland and depressing. Winter landscaping, such as adding seasonal color and evergreen plants, can lead to a healthy and inviting space that really pops in the drab winter cold.

Looking For A Landscape Maintenance Company To Keep Your Property Beautiful Year Round?

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