Pool Landscape in Fall

Brush and vacuum the pool thoroughly to remove all dirt, leaves, and debris.

As pool season draws to a close and the leaves begin falling, homeowners need to start thinking about getting their pool ready for the cold winter months. If your pool is not properly cared for during the winter, you could be facing costly repairs in the spring. The following tips for winterizing your in-ground pool will help save you time and money when opening your pool next year!

Clean the Pool

Better to do it now, than later – no one wants to clean up and scummy pool that has had all winter to set. Brush and vacuum the pool thoroughly to remove all dirt, leaves, and debris. Let the pump run for at least one complete cycle after adding chemicals, to make they are spread evenly throughout the water Backwash or manually clean the filters before closing the pool down.

Balance the Water Chemistry

This protects the pool from corrosion or scale buildup. Using a water test kit, adjust the water to the recommended levels of pH, total alkalinity, calcium (hardness) and chlorination. If you want to add a winterizing chemical kit, do it at least 24 hours before closing your pool. Winterizing kits add high levels of chlorine to prevent organic matter build up over the winter months.

Algae Control

While algae blooms most often in the summer, you do not want to let your pool harbor any microscopic invaders during the off-season. The week before you close your pool, treat your pool water with an algaecide. If you opted to purchase a winterizing kit, it will likely include the necessary algaecide.

Keep an Eye on it

Don’t just close your pool and forget about it! During the winter season, check the chemical balance every two weeks using a test kit and inspect the pool water by pulling back the cover slightly. If staining or scaling is beginning to develop, as a professional to come and access what can be done to prevent further damage.

Covers and Floats

A strong, solid winter cover and a central floatation device is key to winterizing your above-ground pool. The cover helps the pool withstand the weight of the ice and snow, and a floatation device eases pressure on the pool walls by allowing winter’s ice to push in on the flotation device, not outward on the walls or the deck.

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