Winterize your pool to help it survive the harsh winter months.

Winter is fast approaching, and with it comes the preparation of your pool to withstand it. When you winterize your pool, you take steps to ensure that it is ready to go in the subsequent springtime. Investing your time into winterizing will also prevent any problems that may cost more money and time later on. Here are some steps to take when you are ready to winterize your pool.

Clean it Out

It’s probably obvious that the first step when you winterize the pool is to clean it. Use a pool vacuum or net to clean out any leaves, insects, debris, and dirt. Don’t forget the skimmer and pump basket! Also, cleaning the tile line now will save you the effort in the spring, when the scum has had all winter to set in.

Preventing Freezing

Freezing water can be one of the most destructive elements in nature. It breaks up roads, splits garden hoses, and makes cans of soda explode in your freezer. In your pool, freezing water can expand and crack your pipes, filter, pump, and skimmer basket. Drain the water down below the skimmer mouth, but don’t empty it completely, as the weight of the water is needed to keep the pool firmly in place in your landscape.

Taking Care of Your Pump and Filter

Disconnect your pump and filter and make sure all the water is drained from the pump. Remove the drain plugs as they can trap water inside and cause damage if frozen. When you have drained the pump, turn it on for just a second or two to expel any remaining water. Remove the return jet fittings and the skimmer baskets.

A Word on Winter Covers

The winter cover is one of the most important parts of the winterization process. It is designed to withstand the weight of ice and snow (as well as protect people and pets from falling in!) and is thus stronger than a summer cover. Make sure that any rips in the cover are fixed. If it seems beyond repair, better to completely replace it than take the risk!

We Can Get Your Pool Ready for the Winter and Open in the Spring

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