Water features can give your landscape a sense of natural whimsy, and offer an excellent place to relax and read or observe nature. Of course, your water feature requires regular maintenance during the spring, summer, and fall to keep its serene beauty. This is especially true, for the month of winter, when improper care of your water feature can cause it serious damage. That’s why Rhine Landscaping has prepared this helpful guide to inform those who have water features, and those considering installing them, on the proper over winter maintenance of your water features.winter-pond-cleaning

Plant Care First

First remove any plants you might have. Tropical plants will have to be potted in buckets of water inside to keep warm over the winter. Hardy plants can be kept in the water feature if you keep it filled, but should be potted at the deepest spot in the pond. If the plants do not survive, repot in the spring.

Pump Maintenance

After removing plants you can unplug your pump and drain your fountain, waterfall, or pond. When you remove the pump from the pond clean the exterior and interior of the pump thoroughly you a hand towel. Store the pump in a bucket of warm water indoors to keep the seals from drying and the pump from freezing.

The Pond Itself

Next you can drain your water feature with an external pump. After draining, the pond, clean the bottom using a wet vacuum, or by hand, making sure to get all the debris.  If you have algae build up you can apply Green Clean, a contact algaecide, which is activated by water. Make sure to follow the directions printed on the bottle.

If you have a fountain keep it drained for the full winter season, ponds set into the ground should be refilled.  If water is kept in fountains, the expansion from freezing can damage them. If ponds are not refilled the uneven freezing can cause them to be misshapen. If you’re keeping plants in the pond, consider getting a floating de-icer to keep near the plants. If you’re keeping a waterfall running, check daily to make sure an ice dam does not form and cause the water to spill over.

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