Landscaping closes its doors during winter, right? Everything dies during the coldest season, so there’s no point in landscaping my Maryland yard then, correct? Wrong! While many homeowners think of the winter as a bleak, lifeless period for their lawn it can actually be one of the most beautiful seasons, if given proper care. Rhine Landscaping, your Maryland landscape professionals, is here with some useful tips for making sure your lawn looks stunning in even the coldest weather.

Think About Bark

While most deciduous trees do lose their leaves during the winter, that doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful. When choosing trees to plant in your Maryland yard, think about how they’ll look leafless. Ornamental trees, like dogwoods or birch trees, which have very visually distinctive bark will provide your landscape with much-needed texture and color.


Evergreens are a staple of winter landscaping for a reason: They add unwavering color and texture to any landscape. Despite the name, evergreens can come in a wide variety of colors including yellow, blue, and almost everything in between. Evergreens are also a great way to make economical landscaping design. They look great in the winter and can provide lovely focal points during the entire year.


When designing a landscape for your Maryland home with winter in mind, select trees and shrubs that bear winter fruit. They’ll provide welcome bursts of color during the colder months and will attract highly desirable birds. Crabapples and holly bushes will hold their fruit through the colder months and look quite beautiful against a snowy backdrop.

Think About Hardscaping

Winter is an ideal time to take a look at your yard, minus a lot of the spring and summer trimmings, and figure out what’s missing. Sometimes the best solution is one that doesn’t involve plant life at all. Think about adding a new patio, walkway, or fire pit to give your Maryland yard the focal point it’s been missing, or add little touches with benches and trellises.

Rhine Landscaping Knows How to Handle Winter

At Rhine Landscaping, our dedicated Maryland-based teams of expert landscape architects, designers, hardscaping professionals, and gardeners, know how to make the most of the coldest season. We have the knowledge and resources to make sure your yard looks beautiful during the winter, and year round. We’ll do the job right, and on a budget that you can afford.