The question of whether or not to hire a professional landscaper is one that many homeowners wrestle with. This article suggests when to use a professional landscaper and when to do it yourself. The answer to whether or not you should hire a professional landscaper relies on about three basic factors; the scope and size of the project, the budget, and the time that the homeowner has to work on the project.patio installation Maryland

There are some simple questions you should ask yourself before embarking on a landscaping project. These questions can help you decide whether or not to hire a professional landscaper.

What are the foundation measurements?

If your project is something small like planting some perennials or shrubs, then you may be ok with consulting your local garden center and using a lot of elbow grease. However, foundation plantings for new construction or large country homes can actually cost more money over the long run if not first planned professionally on paper.

How familiar are the homeowners with landscape plants?

Some projects are very physically demanding. Before you take on a large landscaping endeavor, it is important to try out some smaller scale projects. Maybe plant some shrubs or small plants. Remember that most projects will require a lot of heavy lifting, digging and other physical work that may be too demanding for many homeowners. If this seems to be the case, then you should consult professional landscapers.

Does the homeowner understand the growth habits and aesthetic properties of various shrubs and perennial plants and can he or she assess the choices?

The most common mistake that homeowners make is planting a small shrub that will grow to be very large extremely close to their home foundation. So that when the shrub gets bigger it needs constant pruning, grows deformed, and possibly injures the foundation of the home. Planting the correct shrub in the correct place the first time around makes things easier for the homeowner. Professional landscapers have the experience and knowledge to know where and when to plant in order to maximize the lifespan and health of your plant life.

Is the landscaping budget realistic?

The budget of a landscape project is perhaps the most important thing in determining what route a homeowner should take. There are many factors to take into consideration when considering your budget. Don’t forget the materials, equipment, and time it will take you to create your landscaping project. Sometimes it is more affordable to hire a pro than to spend all of your time and money on your landscaping.

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