howard county fireplace builder

As the sun goes down, it doesn’t mean you must go into your house.  Enjoy the outdoors at night and throughout the year, with a custom stone fireplace or fire pit. The crackling sound of the burning wood, the warmth of the flame, the glow from the light, all create a fantastic ambiance to your outdoor living space.

At Rhine, we offer many options with fireplaces and fire pits, from wood-burning or propane fireplaces and fire pits.

What are the benefits of having an outdoor fireplace or fire pit in your backyard?

A custom fireplace or fire pit creates a new living space outside of your home.  An outdoor fireplace is an extension of your home and when added to a hardscape patio, the space provides an area for entertaining and gathering throughout the year.

Outdoor Fireplaces Provide Year-Round Entertainment

Summer is a great season for entertaining.  Inviting friends over on the weekend, enjoying the outdoors with family, and hosting a party or event becomes all the better.  A lit fireplace allows the kiddos to roast s’mores, the adults to get cozy with a book or cold drink, all the while, creating a social gathering place at your home.

When the weather cools towards the Fall Season, the warm glow from your new outdoor fireplace continues to be a fantastic spot to gather.  Everyone can stay warm and cozy, listening to the crackling sounds of the burning wood and watching the glowing embers, being comfortable with a blanket and hot chocolate or tea!

Fireplaces are Easy to Maintain

Taking care of an outdoor fireplace is generally quite easy to maintain.  First, it is recommended to have a professional clean out the chimney and flue to remove any buildup from its use over the year.  In addition, keep up with sweeping away any debris that might gather, such as leaves, dirt, or ashes that might get blown around the area.  Also, consider a front cover for a fireplace, or top cover for a fire pit.  These will reduce the chance of an animal making a new home and build-up of debris or unwanted objects.

When the Winter Season clears and Spring is headed your way, consider pressure washing your fireplace or fire pit.  This will keep the stones looking new, clean, and increase their longevity.

Outdoor Fireplaces Promote A New Outdoor Living Opportunity

Having a fireplace or other fire feature is nice, but to really take advantage of the outdoor living space, it is natural to add a hardscape patio, table and chairs, an outdoor sofa, and more features.  As an extension of your home, you are able to create an incredible focal point and backyard feature.

Fun and Enjoyable Cooking

While a dedicated outdoor kitchen certainly has its benefits for cooking and preparing food, let us not forget about the many features that a fireplace or fire pit can provide!  You can get the entire family involved, or perhaps some of the kiddos and their friends!  Roast some hot dogs and make a mess with some s’mores!  Depending on the style of your fireplace, or fire pit, you can smoke chicken, grill a pizza, roast vegetables, and so much more.

Wood Burning vs Gas

Each style of a fireplace or fire pit has its benefits and inherent safety concerns.  Gas-fueled fireplaces are easy to use, and oftentimes emit little to no smoke.  If a gas line does not already exist, do keep in mind that one will be required.  For wood-burning options, smoke can be a concern to some homeowners and proper licensing or HOA rules may apply.

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