3d designDo you ever get that picture in your mind when you’re thinking about designing something? You can see exactly what you want to do in your mind’s eye, but when you try to get it down on paper, it just won’t translate. The lines come out wrong and you’re still not sure that what you’re visualizing is actually going to work. If this is a problem for you, don’t worry; you’re not alone. That’s why 3D design was invented. With a 3D design program, a landscape design company can show you exactly what you’re getting before you get it. There are still more reasons to hire someone who uses 3D design.

  • See the elevation – Something you may not have thought about. When you’re looking at 2D design and working on a piece of paper, it’s not always easy to envision what the slopes and elevated areas are going to look like. If you’ve ever played one of those simulation games where you build a house, you know that being able to see the elevated land is important for creating a sustainable design. It’ll also help you to figure out what you can feasibly put somewhere.
  • Evolve the design – Now when you’re working with your landscape designer, you can evolve the design as you go to make small changes in the landscape. It gives you a firsthand view of what the design is like and what it could look like. You’re essentially creating the landscape without having to do more than tweak something on a computer screen. You can virtually walk through your design and see what works and what doesn’t.
  • Get a clear look at it – Once you understand what you want, you’ll be less likely to change your mind throughout the process. This will help you cut down on costs that come with changing ideas or problems that arise. It’ll be simple to add to the 3D design and work around it. Plus, seeing something as it really will be can help you to better visualize the final outcome and decide whether it’s for you or not. When you’re spending money on something permanent, you want to know that it’s something worth spending the money on. 3D design gives you that advantage.

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