Your yard is missing something. You have plenty of lush green grass, some aesthetically pleasing flowers and shrubbery, a well-built deck or patio, but do you have a focal point for entertaining, day or night? I didn’t think so. Perhaps it is time to think about Time for an Outdoor Fireplace – the perfect accent to your landscape.outdoor fire pit

This article from gives you a few things to think about before you build your new outdoor fireplace.

First you must decide if you are going to build your fireplace yourself using a kit or if you are going to call a professional. Then you need to pick between a standard design or your own custom look. Of course it may cost a little extra to go with your own design, but in the end you are the one who has to be happy with the final product.

Also, consider where it is going to be built. Will it stand on its own? Will it be integrated into the landscape? Or will it be part of an outdoor “room,” built onto a patio or enclosed area. It all depends on what you want your fireplace to be used for. So think it over before finalizing any plans.

Make sure your fireplace is located safely away from potentially flammable trees or structures and it is properly screened. Some areas where wildfires are problematic have restrictions on the building of outdoor fireplaces, so before you build, check your local codes and laws.

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