brown spots

There are several reasons that you may have brown spots on your lawn.

Some of the most common questions homeowners have about their lawns relate to those unappealing brown spots which can pop up from time to time. What causes them? How can they be fixed not just immediately, but for the long term so as to preserve a truly beautiful lawn? For the answers to these questions and more, read on!

Dogs Can Do A Number on Lawns

If you have a dog, those mysterious brown spots on your lawn may be the workings of your furry friend. While you may not even personally have a dog, this does not mean that others in the neighborhood aren’t letting their dogs on your lawn while you are away. Brown spots left from dogs are often ringed by dark green grass, where the nitrogen and acid in their leavings burn the brown area and fertilizes the grass around it. If it is your dog, you can water the spots immediately after your dog urinates or try a dietary supplement, but if it is not your dog there is not much you can do outside of reseeding.

Chemical Burns on Your Lawn

These brown spots look similar to dog damage but lack the green fertilized ring. These can be caused by fertilizer spills, gasoline leaks from your mower or other vehicles and appliances. There is not much you can do other than reseeding. However, determining the source of the damage is important so it can be avoided in the future.

Drought Stress on Your Lawn

Most lawns in the Eastern United States are made of “cool-season turfgrasses”. These grasses look lush and green in the right conditions but tend to turn brown if the summer weather gets too hot and dry. In some cases, a homeowner could have multiple varieties of grass on their lawn, each with their own different care requirements. Some common types of grasses that are sensitive to drought are the Fine Fescue varieties and Rough Bluegrass. No matter what kind of grass you have, if the weather is hot and dry and your grass is turning brown, the solution is usually a simple watering. Of course, to really know for sure what is causing the brown spots in your lawn, the advice of an experienced landscaper is best.

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