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In 2016, there are plenty of new trends that are shaping the way landscaping is evolving.

Landscaping is an ever-changing world or aesthetics and practicality.  Your backyard might be “in” for one season and completely outdated by that time next year.  In 2016, there are plenty of new trends that are shaping the way landscaping is evolving.  This includes everything from visuals to functionality.  Read on to find out how you can update your own landscape.



As food grows more expensive in the stores, numbers are growing in terms of people who are beginning to grow their own crops.  And as technology improves, this is becoming easier.  Drip irrigation systems and strategic sprinkler systems are making it cheaper than ever to keep your own garden.  Plus, they can be integrated wonderfully into your entire landscape.


Pavement that gives back


Run-off is being recognized by 77% of landscapers as a problem that has to be addressed.  If you want to return rainwater to the ground, instead of letting dirty water run into the gutter, you can look for permeated pavement.  This allows for more water to seep into the earth–you can even take some of this water and cleverly use it to irrigate your lawn with the right irrigation system.


Light shows


It’s no longer enough to simply have path lights, or a flood light.  Now, landscapers are using more outdoor lighting designs to their advantage.  Using advanced technology, lawns are being lit with dynamic lighting, colored lighting and varied bulbs.  Spreading the light around your landscape with purpose and perspective can transform it into something reminiscent of a dream.




Deck furniture isn’t enough.  Landscapers are using fully-furnished rooms within the house to base their decks off of.  A television, a couch, a gazebo with screens and curtains.  All of these are ways to enjoy the outdoors, so you aren’t cooped up in your house when it’s a perfectly beautiful evening outside.  Why not try watching baseball this season outside, to really feel like a part of the game?


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