raking leavesWith fall upon us, most Maryland homeowners are doubtlessly faced with the tiresome chore of raking leaves. It’s not exactly a fun task and, because it’s required repeatedly, it can leave many wondering if this bit of landscaping is necessary at all or just for show?

Why Rake?

The answer’s as simple as breathing, your lawn’s breathing to be more precise. See, lawns actually need exposure to the open air to stay alive, as well as receive sunlight and water. A covering of leaves can smother your lawn and permanently kill grass, as well as foster the growth of aggressive molds and fungi.

But Wait There’s More!

That’s not the only reason that it’s important for Maryland homeowners to undertake the routine landscaping chore of raking leaves, there’s also the matter of preserving cool-season grasses. Cool-season grasses, like Kentucky bluegrass, are most active during cold fall weather, which is when they fortify their root systems for the upcoming year. Keeping them in exposed to fall sunlight, air, and fresh water is crucial to their continued growth.

But When Do I Rake?

The general rule of thumb is not to leave a layer of leaves on your lawn for more than 3 days. However this is only a basic landscaping guideline and the actual amount of time you can afford to wait may be much less or more given your Maryland home’s specific circumstances. Thicker, wet layers of leaves should be removed much sooner than thin, dry layers.

Yards with lots of deciduous trees will have more leaves and thus require more regular raking, starting earlier in the season. Homeowners with access to leaf blowers can probably also wait a little longer than those with traditional rakes.

Rhine Landscaping

If you don’t want to worry about the constant upkeep of raking and other fall landscaping chores, you should consider hiring an experienced Maryland landscaping company to take care of it for you. Forget about all the hassle and start enjoying a beautiful lawn today with Rhine Landscaping!

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