Hardscaping can make your backyard beautiful

Hardscaping can make your backyard beautiful

We are all familiar with the concept of “landscaping,” but do you know what “hardscaping” entails? Hardscaping refers to “hard” surfaces being integrated into a yard’s landscaping, which can transform your yard into a unique and beautiful space unlike you had imagined.


The “hard” elements can be as intricate as retaining walls or water features or as simple as lawn ornaments and rocks. Driveways, patios and walkways are common elements of hardscaping, featuring the use of a variety of stone (manufactured, irregular, patterned, rectangular/square) or clay/brick. This time of year, outdoor fireplaces and outdoor kitchens are an increasingly popular element of hardscaping. Indoor fireplaces are great, but there is a special charm about gathering with friends around an outdoor fireplace that can’t be denied.



Hardscaping, aside from being aesthetically pleasing and modern, can provide privacy, shade and shelter. Retaining walls vary in size and design, but in some cases can serve as an alternative to traditional fencing and can reorganize your space for more efficiency. Certain overhangs, decks and gazebos can also be considered hardscaping. These options can provide shelter and shade from blistering heat or winter snow. When used, outdoor fireplaces provide heat and a place to gather and entertain.


Experience and Security

Rhine Landscaping has more than 20 masons on staff, many of whom are fourth generation Guatemalan masonry craftsman. We do not outsource work to subcontractors. We are so confident in the quality of our work that Rhine Landscaping issues a FIVE YEAR GUARANTEE on hardscape work. This is three years more than the industry standard. We can help you turn your landscape into architecture.

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