water feature baltimoreAnytime you buy a CD with the relaxing sounds of nature on it, you’re sure to come across a bubbling creek or other water sound. There’s a great reason for that – people love hearing the sound of water. Something about it is very calming. People have been finding ways to incorporate water features into landscaping for thousands of years, and it’s only gotten more creative over the centuries. You have the option of waterfalls, moving creeks, fountains, and more that you can have installed right in your backyard to add something a little extra to your outdoor oasis. Water features can benefit you in many different ways.

Attract wildlife – If you want to see more birds, dragonflies, and other creatures that are attracted to water on your property, adding a moving water feature will help. A small bubbling pond with fish in it will attract more frogs and birds to your property. They can add to the calming sounds of the water and make your landscaping feel even more natural. Not only will you get benefits, but you’ll also be supporting wildlife and adding something to the ecosystem!

Aesthetic Boost – Feel like your backyard just isn’t quite complete? Adding a fountain, bond, or meandering creek can help make your Baltimore landscape more full. You can choose exactly the type of water feature you want and customize it to work well with your home, family, and lifestyle. Making your water features interactive is great for children and adults alike. Using natural stone and rocks can make your space feel organic and rustic.

Brighten any space – Adding a water feature will help make even the smallest space feel magical. Water features can easily be adapted to fit into smaller backyards. It all depends on exactly what you want. For a smaller area, consider a rock fountain or small waterfall. The sound will help you feel at ease and comfortable in your own personal space. Kick back and relax after a tough workday while listening to the sounds of nature and letting your imagination whisk you away – sounds nice, huh?

Don’t let another spring and summer go by you without having a water feature installed in your backyard. Make your home a true oasis that you look forward to coming home to every day. Rhine Landscaping can help you choose the perfect water feature for your home; we can also help you customize to your heart’s content.

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