Looking to accentuate the beauty of your home? Don’t want to overwhelm the eyes with the wide variety of colors provided by a garden? Consider using ornamental grasses to accent your home’s landscaping design. Generally, ornamental grasses are low maintenance, and they have natural shapes and textures that provide visual interest without having to cut, sculpt, or arrange them in a particular way. Here are some popular types of ornamental grasses that you should consider.

Feather reed grass

This popular ornamental grass resembles the slender, tufted appearance of stalks of wheat. Feather reed grass is a good complement to other plants and flowers, and because of its skinny shape, it can fit into smaller spaces.

Tufted hair grass

From the top view, this grass looks like a firework; dozens upon dozens of green blades protrude from the center. Tufted hair grass grows well even in the winter, and provides your yard with an element of visual interest.

Blue fescue

For a little color variation, this grass provides a nearly slate blue hue to your garden or lawn.

Plume grass

This variety of ornamental grass has an almost tropical look to it. It grows year after year in long blades that bend, mimicking the shape of an old-fashioned feather quill.

These are just a few of the options you have when it comes time to pick your ornamental grasses. Think of the added effect these special plants could bring to your home!


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