With basements gaining popularity as functional family gathering areas rather than purely storage spaces, a watertight ground level is essential to your home. Basement waterproofing is one of the most effective means to channel water from the outside – a preventative measure against leaks in walls and floors.

Because basements are structurally situated below ground level, water leakage is not an uncommon occurrence. Rhine Landscaping is one of the few companies offering waterproofing services that analyze your wet basement from the inside out. Rather than collecting rainwater from the interior of your house and then pumping it back where it came from – out of doors – we reconfigure the drainage systems surrounding your home for the most effective moisture elimination.

Even with solid waterproofing, an ineffective drainage system will without doubt cause water to get into your basement. Downspouts build up an excess of water, which often wind up inside your home on the ground level. At Rhine Landscaping, we can re-grade lawns, connect down spouts to underground drainage systems, install French drains, and waterproof your basement.

Don’t let your basement go unused because of excess moisture, and eliminate the risk of floods and damage to your personal property by waterproofing your ground level before leaks become a problem.

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Reclaim your Basement with Basement Waterproofing