retaining wallWhen you hear “retaining wall,” you probably don’t think of something particularly attractive or aesthetically pleasing. Many people think that retaining walls are just used to hold in soil or as just another piece of the landscaping – if that’s the case, you haven’t seen a well-executed retaining wall. Retaining walls can have many different uses for your Sykesville home. There are some that you’ve probably never considered, especially if you haven’t spent a lot of time worrying about your landscaping. Let’s start with the most important reason to build a retaining wall!

Purposes of Retaining Walls

Hold back the soil, of course – You probably already know that retaining walls are used to keep soil in its place, but do you know why? Soil can easily slide downhill and cause mudslides if there’s too much rain. You can see where this would be problematic if your home is downhill from a particularly large collection of soil. Retaining walls are built strong so that they can easily hold back hundreds of pounds of soil.

Use them as permanent planter boxes – Planter boxes can get expensive, especially if you start going for nice flower boxes. Retaining walls aren’t always cheap either, but if you already need one, you can easily have it double as a planter box. Choosing the right materials for the retaining wall as well as the right flowers can give your Sykesville front yard or back yard a great aesthetic lift and boost your curb appeal. What’s more, the roots of your plants will actually aid your retaining wall in holding back soil.

Slow down water – If you’re downhill, you may be having water problems as well. Water can leak into your basement and cause mold, flooding, and destruction of your property. While retaining walls will not 100% fix the problem, they can be a huge help in preventing water from getting into your home, especially if you have a drainage system installed in your retaining wall. The plants and soil in the retaining wall will use the water and whatever material you choose will help to hold it back.

Retaining Walls from Rhine Landscaping

At Rhine Landscaping, we specialize in professional hardscaping for both residential and commercial clients. We use only the highest quality materials when installing retaining walls and work with our clients to design the best layout to suit your needs and exceed your expectations. At Rhine Landscaping, our Landscaping Designers are ready to design a landscaping layout to work with your retaining wall to make your yard visually appealing.

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