leaf blowerLast week we discussed the importance of raking, and the real benefits it provides to your Maryland lawn during the fall. However, what about Maryland homeowners who’d prefer an easier solution, one that doesn’t involve bending over all the time? That’s where leaf blowers come in. Leaf blowers are an incredibly useful fall landscaping tool, but there is a definite time and place to employ them. Rhine Landscaping is here with some tips on when and how you should be using your leaf blower.

Sweeping Debris

If you need to move grass clippings, dirt, debris, or leaves off your Maryland driveway, porch, or deck quickly, using a leaf blower makes sense. Leaf blowers are great for quick removal of materials like these, especially if you’re pressed for time and are looking to make small portions of your yard presentable.

Leaf Roundup

It’s a common misconception that leaf blowers can completely trivialize the leaf removal process. The truth is that leaf blowers are best used in conjunction with rakes and other fall landscaping appliances to completely clear your lawn of leaves.

Leaf Blowing Steps

  • Start in the far left-hand corner of your Maryland yard, lay down a large tarp, and begin blowing as many leaves as you can onto the tarp.
  • Don’t be picky. Avoid trying to nab every last leaf with your leaf blower. It wastes time and defeats the purpose of the device. Just settle for getting the majority.
  • Once you’ve rounded up most of the leaves and blown them onto the tarp, ask a friend for help folding it and moving the leaves to the trash or a composting pile.
  • Move the tarp to another corner of the lawn and repeat, until you’ve cleared away most of the leaves.
  • Follow up with a rake to take care of any leaves the blower didn’t.

Leaf blowers aren’t a catchall solution, but they are a valuable tool in your fall landscaping arsenal, especially if they’re used correctly. However, there’s an even easier option available if you’re looking for one:

Call Rhine Landscaping

If you don’t want to worry about the constant upkeep of leaf blowing and other fall landscaping chores, you should consider hiring an experienced Maryland landscaping company to take care of it for you. Forget about all the hassle and start enjoying a beautiful lawn today with Rhine Landscaping!