Pruning trees during the winter season is a vital part of the annual care and proper maintenance of trees. During the colder season, it is typically easier in that while it is colder, it is easiest to identify and remove any dangerous limbs that could prove a risk to your family and property. Finally, and most importantly, pruning during the winter is best for the trees health.

Easiest Time to Do the Work

Sure, it might be cold, but pruning your trees in the winter season is typically the easiest time to do so. With no leaves in the way, the limbs you intend to prune are easier to access and to see. In the dense foliage of spring, summer, and fall, it can be easy to lose sight of the limb you’re intending to cut, and perhaps cut the wrong one. Noticing any damage, rot, or disease is also much easier this time of year.

Remove Dangerous Limbs

With the tree’s clear of leaves, it becomes much easier to identify limbs that can be a potential danger.  If you find hanging, broken, or diseased limbs be sure to remove them, as both are a risk to both the tree’s health and anyone who spends time beneath the tree. Sometimes, a perfectly healthy limb may pose a risk as well, if it’s grown too far out snow and ice in the winter can put too much weight on it and snap it. An overly large limb may also act to imbalance a tree and put it at greater risk of falling during a heavy wind storm. You should also trim limbs that have grown out over your home, as they can prove to be a serious risk to your roof.

Improves Tree Health

The main reason that it’s best to prune during the winter is because it’s better for the trees health.  With the tree dormant the damage to it is minimal. The tree’s energy is largely stored in its roots as opposed to during the active seasons where the energy is flowing throughout the entire tree. When warm weather returns in the spring the pruning will serve to invigorate the tree. This is because the energy that was supposed to go to all of the trees limbs is now being concentrated on the limbs that need it, rather then the ones you cut. The limbs you didn’t cut will experience abundant growth and will be fuller and stronger.

Want your Trees Pruned this Winter?

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