tree plantingWhen it comes to landscaping in Maryland, one of the most frequently debated topics is tree planting. Specifically, when, where, and how it should be done. It’s easy to understand why, trees can be some of the most expensive and enduring plants in a landscape and homeowners want to make sure their investment pays off. Rhine Landscaping is here with information on when Maryland residents should think about tree planting.


Typically, the best time to do your tree planting in Maryland is in the late winter or early spring. If that’s impossible for whatever reason, autumn is your next best bet. Summer and early winter are poor choices and should be avoided at all costs. Extreme temperatures will kill budding trees, and the frozen-hard winter earth can make the physical tree planting near-impossible.


One of the most important factors to consider when tree planting in Maryland is dormancy. Dormancy refers to the period of time when a tree is resting, similar to hibernation. While dormant, trees are much less susceptible to harm. Trees typically enter dormancy in  mid-autumn and leave it during spring. Thus tree planting times are best determined by knowing when a tree has entered its dormant state.

When to Plant Deciduous Trees

Deciduous trees, trees that shed their leaves at the end of the growing season, are easy to understand. The shedding of leaves in autumn signals that the plant has entered its dormant state and is ready for tree planting. The opening of buds in spring means that the plant is active and should not be moved.

When to Plant Evergreen Trees

Evergreen trees, trees that retain their leaves throughout the year, are far less sensitive to being moved than their deciduous counterparts. Tree planting in Maryland for evergreens can be undertaken earlier in the fall and later in the spring but it’s still vital to avoid planting them in too much heat. If you’re experiencing an unusually warm fall, hold off on tree planting till the temperature cools down.

Want To Avoid the Hassle and Guesswork?

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