Did you know there is a major difference between tree removal (tree felling) and tree lopping (hat-racking)? Both have to deal with removing trees, but only one deals with the removal of the ENTIRE tree.

Tree Lopping: This is the removal of the top half of a tree and leaving the rest. Today, however, tree lopping is an outdated process. After all, no one wants a stump in their yard!

Tree Removal: As you might have guessed, tree removal deals with the COMPLETE removal of a tree…stump included. There are several removal processes that are based on the size of the tree and the surrounding area. While the easiest tree removal process involves cutting the tree at its base and then cutting it into pieces once it is on the ground, this process is not ideal for residential areas. Instead, a piece-by-piece approach is often taken, reducing the risk of damage to surrounding structures or power lines.

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