With less than only one week until spring, there are many quick and easy tasks you can do to ensure your lawn is ready for the warmer weather.  Over the next couple of weeks, we will be offering some tips with each blog post.  Be sure to bookmark these for future reference, and if you need additional assistance, we are here to help!

4 Spring Clean Up Tips for Your Landscape

A tree or plant is only as healthy as its soil, so it is necessary to revive your soil by mulching well this spring.

Aerate Your Lawn

Your lawn needs to breathe, too!  Aerating your lawn allows the proper flow of oxygen, water, and proper nutrients to promote grass growth.  There are many readily available products for this, including conditioners and rolling tools.  Did you know that there are “lawn aerator” show attachments?  You simply loop these around your shoes and go walking outside!  Ultimately, aerating your lawn will result in a better grass growth, a thicker and better coverage, and a more conducive garden.

Old Weeds, Debris, Dead Limbs

The weather is getting warmer so the protection that some plants need by keeping the dead limbs is no longer necessary.  More importantly, cutting these back and cleaning out the old debris will allow your plants to more quickly grow this coming season.

Lawnmower + Power Tools

Have you ever thought about checking your lawnmower?  Many homeowners simply check the oil or gas and start cutting their lawn.  However, it’s important to consider checking the blade and ensure that it is sharp.  A dull blade can improperly cut grass, tearing it.  This can result in infection and stun proper growth.

Mowing Your Lawn

The first cut of your lawn should only remove about a half-inch, but no more than about one third of the grass length.  Mowing whereby you cut less off, but cut more often will result in the grass growing tougher and more sustainable.

Part 1 of our Top Tips

Professional Landscape Design for Your Home

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