New Year, New Garden.

If you enjoy a beautiful garden year-round and are seeking the newest trends in the world of gardening, look no further than this list of top gardening trends for this year. We all know that our tastes in gardening can evolve over time, so why not start this year with a brand new take on your garden? You’ll have the trendiest garden in the neighborhood.

Natural Materials

As the minimalist aesthetic continues to rise in interiors, a natural complement to that look are the use of natural materials. Now, more than ever before, there seems to be a rising interest in more natural, organic elements as opposed to a more geometric, rigid style. People seem to be moving away from harsh elements such as concrete and moving towards very subtle, simple, and organic materials such as swing seating and smaller outdoor furniture.


Just like women’s fashion, color-blocking is having its moment in the sun in gardens everywhere. This aesthetic uses discrete blocks of color to make a quite dramatic appearance. But in gardening, it’s more about highlighting certain aspects of a garden. For instance, a burst of bright green paint on a wall would be able to frame a potted plant or be a bright backdrop on an outdoor sofa. And if you don’t have a wall to paint, you can always use a single-colored rug or porch curtains to emulate the same effect.


As with all things, having “locally sourced” anything is a hot trend these days, including your garden. Garden designers are seeing interest in more than just native plants but also in endemic plants: those that are native to a particular ecosystem.

Natural Dye Gardens

The rise in popularity of edible gardens, chicken coops, and beehives are becoming pervasive in many backyards. The latest addition to this grow-it-yourself movement in gardens features plants used to make a variety of dyes for coloring textiles, yarn, and even clothing.

Professional Landscape Design for Your Home

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