One of the most common issues with home ownership pertains to the lack of proper drainage in the event of rain, snow, ice, or simply the construction of the materials used to effectively move the water from around your home, and put it elsewhere.

Time and time again, our Water Management Teams see countless issues with drainage, often times attributed to shoddy workmanship when homes were originally built. Yet, with the influx of rain and snow between 2018 and 2019 thus far, the sheer amount of water has ultimately resulted in sometimes too much for typical drainage systems to handle.

rhine drainage mitigation water management in howard county

Here are our top five solutions for proper backyard drainage mitigation, all of which the Rhine staff is very knowledgeable.

  1. Sump Pumps
    Often deemed as the most effective method of mitigating flooded landscapes and home properties, a sump pump is typically going to be the most expensive. These devices work by pumping out excess water into an area away from your home, and in such a way so that it does not come back. A sump pump is typically installed at a lower elevation in the lowest part of your home and into a well-style hole. They automatically operate once water reaches a certain level, at which time the water is them pumped out.
  2. French Drains
    French drains tend to be highly preferred as they are relatively easy to install and do a great job at reducing the likelihood of flooding. These drains are installed at pre-determined locations throughout your yard as necessary. A hole is dug into the ground, typically at a lower spot within the yard, so the water is collected and properly distributed underground.
  3. Dry Wells
    If your property has severe drainage issues, a dry well might be your best option. A dry well works in that once it collects the water, it will slowly distribute it in the soil over several days, or longer. This method reduces any excess buildup of water above ground. A dry well must be installed at a lower point in your yard.
  4. Curtain Drains
    A curtain drain aids in water mitigation by removing water from low-lying areas via a drain system that is covered with a filter clothing. Water is moved away from the home and out of the yard and gravel or small stones aid in proper distribution and easy access for any repairs or blockage.
  5. A Higher Yard Elevation
    If your landscaping is ponding, or you are having issues with standing water, aside from having a drainage system installed beneath the ground, your yard may reap the best results by elevating and properly sloping the ground. This will allow the water to be moved away from your home’s foundation on a more permanent basis.

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