Tips for Winter Lawn Care and Maintenance

Don’t let winter keep your lawn from staying green in the spring!

Don’t put away your green thumb just yet—despite the dropping temperature and falling leaves, winter lawn care and maintenance is just as important as lawn care in any season. Now is the ideal time to get ahead of your lawn maintenance so that your yard turn heads come spring.

Start Preparing Now

Before the temperatures drop below freezing and snow starts falling, take some time to prepare your yard for the coming winter with a couple easy preventative lawn care tricks.

  1. Rake away any and all dead leaves that have fallen throughout the fall that you just haven’t gotten around to getting rid of yet. Letting them collect and hang out all winter destroys any other lawn maintenance you’ve done and can lead to moldy patches.
  2. Before the first freeze of the season make sure you perform all the basics in lawn care and maintenance like fertilizing, aerating and mowing your law.
  3. Remove any debris from your lawn and continue doing so throughout the winter. Make sure your lawn is completely clear of logs, toys, and even lawn furniture before it starts to snow. Keep an eye on your lawn throughout the winter so that your lawn care doesn’t go to waste all because a stray log created a dead spot of grass come spring.


Over the hot and humid summers, lawns suffer and lose much of the essential nutrients they need to flourish and come back looking great the next year. Winter lawn maintenance is vital to restoring these nutrients in the soil. Fertilizing before the first freeze of the winter season ensures that the fertilizer will continue nurturing your yard all winter long and make lawn care less of a hassle once the snow melts and flowers bloom.

Know How to Mow

Don’t forget about your lawn maintenance just because it’s winter. Prior to the inches of snow that are to come, make sure you cut your grass short enough to not attract field mice or other small animals seeking warmth as they can destroy your hard work in lawn care. When it comes to cutting your grass, do so gradually as your lawn should be shorter than it is during the summer and fall, but you also don’t want to shock it by cutting it off too quickly.  Finding that delicate balance is just part of mastering winter lawn care and maintenance—or, you can just call in a pro!

Ready for the Landscaping professionals to lend you a hand?

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