A continuation of our previous post on Swimming Pool Closing Tips, here are a few more recommendations to ensure your pool stays in top shape over the colder season and is ready for next spring!

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Lowering the Water Level in the Pool

The lowering of the water level will vary depending on your pool cover type and pool surface. For instance, if you have a vinyl cover, reduce the water to about an inch below your skimmer opening. If you have a plaster or non-vinyl cover, lower the water level to about six inches below the skimmer or tile line. For automated pool cover systems, the water level should be no lower than the bottom of the skimmer.

Cleaning the Filter and Pump

From a cartridge filter, a sand filter, or perhaps a D.E. filter, clean them completely to remove all debris and bacteria.

Blowing Out the Lines

First and foremost, it is strongly suggested that you hire a professional for this step. While it’s not necessarily impossible to do it yourself, if you do it incorrectly, you stand the chance of breaking the lines, leading to potentially thousands of dollars in repair.

If you reside in a warm climate where the water does not freeze, you can potentially avoid this step altogether.

Otherwise, you must first remove all water from the lines, pump, and filter. This will prevent and breaking by ice in the equipment. When blowing out the lines, be sure to be cautionary so as to not break the plumbing.

Pool Accessories

Remove and store all pool accessories. This can include any nets, games, or toys, but also remove ladders and detachable steps. The chemicals used can deteriorate the finishes of your accessories but the displacement of them, with a cover, can leave room for debris to enter the pool over the winter season.

Shocking Your Pool

It is recommended to shock your pool the night before you install your cover and finally close your swimming pool. Try to avoid doing so during the daylight as the sun can reduce the effectiveness of the chlorine. Follow the directions on the chemicals that you are using.

Installing a Winter Pool Cover

Whether you use a manually-installed cover or have an automated system in place, the purpose is to keep the pool safe from anyone – or anything – entering the pool. Make sure that the cover is tight, properly installed, and taught to prevent the cover from sinking throughout the season.


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