To really get rid of weeds you have to dig them out of the ground completely.

Do you ever struggle with weeding your garden or landscaping? Weeding can be terribly monotonous drudgery, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are a few methods you can use to make sure that your own landscaping efforts don’t go in vain. And if weeding still seems like too laborious a chore, you can always hire Rhine Landscaping to do landscape maintenance for you! Here are a few of our best tips for keeping a beautiful landscape free of weeds.

Dig Out Those Weeds

Do you ever walk through your property and occasionally pull up a few weeds along the way? This is a mistake that many homeowners make, which is why they just can’t seem to get rid of their weeds! If you simply pull out a weed, the weed goes on the defensive. The bits of roots and vegetation that are still left in the ground will grow back deeper, and the weed will quickly move into seed. This creates weeds that are much more difficult to control.

When weeding your landscape, you need to put aside time and get fully immersed in the task. Choose a specific part of your landscape and plan to weed, even if it’s only for 15 minutes. In order to fully remove the weeds, you’ll need the right equipment. You’ll need a claw, a hoe, a shovel, and a bucket or wheelbarrow. For weeds that are not deeply rooted you can loosen the dirt surrounding the weed with a claw. Make sure that you pull out the entire weed. For weeds that are harder to remove, you’ll have to use the hoe or the shovel to dig out the weeds. It’s important to remove every part of the weed so that it can’t grow back. Pile the weeds in your bucket or wheelbarrow and dispose of them when you’re done.

Catch Weeds at the Right Time

Weeds go through several seeding cycles in order to spread their seeds and keep their kind growing. If you end up weeding when the weed is in seed, you run the risk of scattering seeds that can all germinate at different times, meaning that you’ll have generation after generation of weeds with which to contend. The first three years of a new landscape is especially important for creating a long-lasting weed-free environment. If you want a low-maintenance landscape, you’ll have to be willing to put in the work or invest in the maintenance that keeps your landscape successfully weed-free.

Keep Your Yard Weed Free with Rhine Landscaping

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