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Too many different colors can soon become overwhelming to the viewer.

When deciding which plants to put in your yard, do you know which ones are native and which ones are invasive? How about how much water and shade they need? Or how long they’ll bloom? Don’t worry, this is what your landscaper is here for. Landscapers have a vast knowledge of a wide variety of plants, so they can make sure that what you plant will thrive. Here are a few common landscaping mistakes beginner gardeners make when choosing plants.

Not Planning Ahead

We’ve all probably experienced walking into a nursery and walking out with a cartload of beautiful flowers bought on impulse. This is one of the most common landscaping mistakes. The problem with buying without a plan is that you can end up with a large swath of your yard where all of the flowers go out of bloom at the same time, leaving a large dead area. And, if you bought a fast-growing, invasive plant, you may end up with a huge problem on your hands. Landscaping without a plan can easily waste a lot of time and money. That’s why our landscapers create a design that’s thoroughly thought out and meticulously planned.

Too Much Variety

Another problem with making impulse buys at the nursery is that you’re likely to buy the most breathtaking, jaw-dropping plants and ignore the plain plants. This ends in a landscape that’s bursting with color…a little too much color. A landscape with too many colorful plants can look messy and overwhelming. It’s important to make space for your hostas, evergreens, and ornamental grasses and to save the neon flowers for accents.

Planting in the Wrong Spot

Picture this: you just spent a ton of money at the nursery, spent hours of backbreaking work planting, and now your plants are beginning to die! Many flowers have specific shade requirements. If you plant a shade-loving plant in full sun, you’ll soon find it burned to a crisp. And a sun-loving plant that’s obscured in the shade of your house for half of the day can quickly waste away. A landscaper takes into account things that you may not have even thought of when placing your plants. Trees and shrubs planted next to your pool or patio can threaten the structure as the tree or shrub grows. A thorny plant right next to a walkway can leave barefooted guests a little upset. These things, and more, are what landscapers take into account when designing your landscape.

Landscape Design from Rhine Landscaping

We’ve got extensive background in landscaping, so that you can feel assured your lawn will be taken care of correctly, no matter what. Our landscaping experts  will help to make your landscaping dreams a reality, and your property the talk of the town.

Landscapes are complicated to design and implement. If you’re ready to call for help, then you can contact Rhine Landscaping by giving us a call at 410-442-2445. We’ve got the knowledge your landscape needs to get it ready for summer.

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