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Too much open space can look awkward and require lots of mowing.

Have you ever tried planting rosebushes yourself only to find them dying a few months later? Or tried your hand at laying a brick walkway only to have the bricks not stay in place? Landscape design is a lot harder than it works. Landscapers devote years to learning how to build solid hardscaping and knowing which plants will work where. Of course, every fledgling landscaper has made their own mistakes as they learn to perfect their knowledge and skill. After many years of experience, we here at Rhine Landscaping know exactly what to do–and what not to do. Here are a few landscaping mistakes that are often made by beginners.

Too Much Open Space

Have you ever looked out at a wide, open lawn and felt that something was missing? Leaving too much open space in a design may be great for making sure you get enough use out of your lawn mower, but it looks awkward. However, expansive space is an opportunity to create something really eye-catching and unique. Consider building a patio for family to spend time together, a relaxing water fountain or pond, or an interesting floral arrangement.

Forgetting Function

While it’s good not to leave too much open space in a design, it’s also good to remember not to pack your yard so full of shrubs and flowers that there’s nowhere to walk. While it’s nice to have an impressive, landscaped yard, remember how the yard functions for your family. You may want to leave a small open area for kids to camp and play sports. Incorporating interactive elements–like places to sit, an eating area, or a relaxing fountain–helps your yard to not only look nice but be a place to enjoy yourself as well.

Lack of Lighting

A landscape without lighting can only be enjoyed during the day. To get the most out of your landscape, you’ll want to have good lighting installed. Properly placed lights can make your landscape look impressive at nighttime. Plus, you can extend the amount of time you spend outside by having lighting. Incorporating lighting into your landscape design is a great safety measure as well. Especially if you have an outdoor kitchen or stairs, lighting can help you to see what you’re doing and where you’re going, preventing accidents from occurring.

Landscape Design from Rhine Landscaping

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