Do you want a way to improve the aesthetic appeal of your landscape while also improving the functionality of your landscape while also creating a focal point for outdoor gatherings? It may be easier than you think…

Installing an Outdoor Fireplace is a great way to easily improve your landscape. The many benefits of an outdoor fireplace include:

  1. Extend the Usability of your Landscape: Typically, we only utilize our backyards during summer (and any other month warm enough to stay outside for long periods of time). Having an outdoor fireplace installed will help extend the usability of your landscape. Even when the weather is less than ideal, you, your family, and your guests can huddle around your brand new outdoor fireplace.
  2. Aesthetically Pleasing Focal Point: Not only do outdoor fireplaces extend the usability of your landscape, they are also aesthetically pleasing, greatly improving the look of your backyard landscape.
  3. Greta for Summer Too: You can even have your fireplace made so it can be used as a grill for your summer cookouts.
  4. Worried about Safety: Your outdoor fireplace can be designed with necessary drainage systems, an appropriate mortar liner, and fireproof brick.
  5. Professionally Design and Installed: Rhine Landscaping designs and installs custom fireplaces and firepits, providing warmth, comfort, beauty and functionality to landscapes all over Maryland. Rhine Landscaping uses high quality materials that are pleasing to the eye and accentuate the architecture of your home and environment.

An Outdoor Fireplace…the Perfect Landscape Feature for Every Season!

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Be Warm All Year Round With Outdoor Fireplaces