landscape lighting

The best lighting design for your landscape!

It’s a universal truth that lighting simply makes your outdoor space better. Consequently, there are a variety of ideas that can make your outdoor space go from ho-hum to ta-da with these delightful ideas.

Multi-Dimensional Lighting

A landscape that is well-lit can make any outdoor space have more functionality. A simple addition of wall sconces on a house can provide enough lighting to encourage conversation and entertaining. To add some whimsy to a more functional outdoor space, simply use string lights around your house so that space can serve as a fun entertaining retreat for the whole family to gather.

Entrance Lighting

Unequivocally, entrance lights serve two purposes. One, they provide safety as well as security for the homeowners. Two, they serve to make the front door a feature of the home as opposed to being hidden in the dark. By using floodlights or wall-mounted fixtures you can highlight your front door while at the same time providing your family with the needed safety and security that lighting provides.

Path Lighting

We all need a path to follow and some of the best ones are those that are lighted for us. All walkways, paths, and driveways need to be illuminated for the safety of everyone, but most importantly your guests. By installing a series of lights that can help highlight a path, you can create a safe place for your family and guests as well as provide a great way to showcase your landscape design.

Accent Lighting

By highlighting the best features of your home accent lights serve their purpose as their name suggests, to accent your home. This type of lighting can either be installed at the ground level or high above on your home. Accent lights can be directed in a variety of ways that can illuminate specific areas that can accentuate your home’s landscaping design.

Professional Landscape Design for Your Home

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