The Most Common Landscaping Mistakes, Part 2

Too many different colors can soon become overwhelming to the viewer. When deciding which plants to put in your yard, do you know which ones are native and which ones are invasive? How about how much water and shade they need? Or how long they’ll bloom? Don’t worry, this is what your landscaper [...]

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Maryland Landscaping Advice: Don’t Forget the Pool

Outdated and unkempt landscape not only decreases your home’s aesthetic value, but also your home’s property value. So if your home falls into this category, it is probably time to give your landscape a little face-lift. While you should definitely pay attention to your softscape – law, bushes, trees, flowers, and other plants – you [...]

Garden Care Tips

Keeping your garden looking great requires more than sunlight and water. You need to have the right equipment, know proper techniques, and be organized enough to do the right thing at the right time. Although this may seem quite complicated, once you know what you are doing, it is actually pretty easy. This article from [...]

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