4 Landscaping Tricks and Tips

Tarps are the universal tool for landscapers – get one of your own today! Landscaping can be a lot of hard work – designing, digging, hauling, mulching, planting, mowing, the works! Professional landscapers work hard so that you don’t have to, but you may find some of their tricks and tips useful as [...]

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Love your Landscape: Maintenance Packages for your Outdoor Space

Hiring a landscaping company doesn't have to be like short-term dating. Though landscapers are known for their design and installation services, many people fail to recognize that they're not a one-time-only service provider, but rather, are in it for the long haul: Rhine Landscaping will upkeep a relationship with you by upkeeping your outdoor space [...]

Maryland Landscapers: Why you should hire a professional landscaper

Landscaping your outdoor space is a great way to increase the value of your property.  Nonetheless, many families are discouraged with hiring a professional due to financial reasons. Since this is the "do-it-yourself" era, many homeowners want to get their hands dirty and try to to landscape on  their own. Sadly, landscaping is an art [...]

Landscaping Tips for Attracting Birds

Birds have some great benefits for your backyard – birds help decrease the bug population, and some birds will chase away pests and predators like squirrels and mice. Some people enjoy the crisp, clean lines of modern landscaping; others prefer their backyard to have a little more life and wildness. If you’re interested [...]

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Hire a Professional Landscape Maintenance Company this Spring

Can you feel it in the air? Spring is finally upon us! The weather has steadily been in the 50s and 60s for over a week now and the rain is coming; it’s time to whip your lawn and garden back into shape after the long winter we’ve had. Hiring a landscaping maintenance company can [...]

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How Can Landscaping Help Increase Your Property Value?

Some neighborhoods are more aesthetically appeasing than others. It’s a simple fact. If you’ve ever thought carefully about it, you may have noticed that one reason these homes are more pleasing to the eye is because of the landscaping. Good landscaping is meant to draw the eye and improve the overall look and feel of [...]

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