Bad Smelling Plants to Avoid

The phrase bad-smelling plants can seem like a bit of an oxymoron. However, they do exist and when you’re thinking about landscaping, especially with spring coming soon, you may want to think about what will appeal to you both visually and when it comes to your more delicate senses, such as your sense of smell. [...]

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The Benefits to Going Native

Luckily, there are a wide variety of gorgeous native plants to choose from when designing your home’s front or backyard. Exotic plants may be pretty to look at, but incorporating them into your home’s landscaping can be a nightmare. Plants like bamboo and kudzu may make great visual additions to your garden, but [...]

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What Flowers Are Best for Summer?

What flowers should you be planting during the summer? Read on to find out more. Summer is here and your garden is, hopefully, packed with beautiful bountiful blooms. If you haven’t finished all of your summer gardening yet, or if you are already planning ahead for next year, here are some of the [...]

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2012 Landscaping Trends

Often considered “softscape,” trees, shrubs, and flowering plants, are the outdoor elements that make your house a home. And like everything else, these ornate landscape features are subject to trends. So what are landscapers expecting to be trending in 2012? Water Conservation: People are becoming more conscious of the way in which they use water, attempting [...]

Tips for Overwintering Delicate Plants

It might sound radical and like the last thing you would want to do to your plants, but overwintering is a great way to put your delicate plants through the winter without, well, putting them through the winter! Here are some excellent tips on overwintering your delicate plants! Overwintering your plants is helpful during [...]

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Find Out How Plants Make You a Better Person… Literally

The presence of plants in hospital recovery rooms (or the ability to visually see a garden from the window) can actually help patients heal faster. Spring is on the way! Soon, the dark chill of winter will be behind us and beautiful flowers will be blooming and basking in sunshine at every corner [...]

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