Creating an Outdoor Living Space

Backyards are the new living rooms. Well, sort of. The new trend in home design is the outdoor living space. All the comforts of your living room combined with the aesthetically pleasing features that only nature can provide. So if you think you would like to spruce up your backyard, creating your own personal sanctuary, [...]

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3 Ways To Create A More Eco-Friendly Outdoor Space

Creating an environmentally friendly outdoor space is easier than you think! Outdoor living spaces are a great investment for many homeowners. If you plan on putting your home on the market or want to create an outdoor space for your entire family to enjoy, there are some simple ways to make your space [...]

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Outdoor Fire Pit Design Tips for Maryland Homeowners

We’ve already discussed some of the many benefits that an outdoor fire pit can provide your Maryland home with. It’s a beautiful and practical addition to any backyard that can extend your home’s useable space, provide you with warmth during the colder months, and look great doing it too. So let’s say you’ve decided to [...]

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