Creating an Outdoor Living Space

Backyards are the new living rooms. Well, sort of. The new trend in home design is the outdoor living space. All the comforts of your living room combined with the aesthetically pleasing features that only nature can provide. So if you think you would like to spruce up your backyard, creating your own personal sanctuary, [...]

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Getting Started On Your Outdoor Kitchen

Limited outdoor space by no means limits the fun you can have outdoor entertaining. Applying small and simple outdoor kitchen ideas can be easy and enjoyable with the help of portable and prefabricated products which make outdoor dining and cooking a possibility. There are countless options when it comes to carroll county landscaping and other [...]

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Show Your Hardscaping Some Love This Valentine’s Day!

Show your outdoor fireplace and other hardscaping elements some extra love for Valentine’s Day by keeping them properly maintained. It doesn’t matter if the snow is falling and the flowers aren’t blooming, you should show your hardscaping some love year-round for maximum life and functionality! In regards to landscaping, we recently touched on [...]

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Designing an Outdoor Kitchen

When most people consider building outdoor kitchens they think “Oh, I’ll just add a barbecue grill and a rolling counter top. That should do it.” While that may be a good solution for an impromptu outdoor kitchen, today’s outdoor kitchens have gotten a lot more sophisticated than that. People love the idea of being able [...]

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The WOW! Effect of Outdoor Kitchens and Grills

Outdoor kitchens and grills add immense value and aesthetic appeal to your property. Outdoor features like custom built kitchens, stone BBQ pits, grills, and bars are becoming increasingly popular features for homeowners. Why? Because they are a beautiful, functional, and valuable addition to any property. If you enjoy entertaining outdoors and want to truly [...]

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