How to get rid of Mosquitoes using Landscaping!

No one likes mosquitoes. They are one of the biggest downers of the warmer seasons. Mosquitoes can make a fun afternoon in the yard into a nightmare when they swarm and bite you. There are a ton of different methods of getting rid of the, but not all of them are safe or environmentally friendly. [...]

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Top 3 Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

A landscape redesign is a huge project to undertake, so be sure to avoid these 3 common mistakes. Landscaping is one of the best ways to improve the curb appeal of your home. You can reap the benefits of having a beautiful yard simply by calling a professional landscaper, working out a plan [...]

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Fall Tree Planting Guide

Want to go for bright and beautiful fall colors? A sugar maple has fiery red and orange leaves in the fall. Fall is undoubtedly tree season. There is nothing quite like wandering down a country lane in autumn and looking at the beauty of all of the leaves. Did you know, however, that [...]

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Landscaping Tips

Proper landscaping can totally transform the look and feel of your backyard. But the term landscaping encompasses so much. How do you know where to start? This article from provides several landscape tips and tricks to get you started. Arrange an on-site consultation with a qualified landscaper: They will be able to give you [...]

How to Create the Perfect Garden Bed Edges

You can finish off your clean edges with some cut stone for a professional look! Edging is a critical part of cohesive landscaping. Edging is the creation of a defining line between different landscaping features, such as a garden or a lawn. Garden bed edges add clear boundaries, definition, and a sense of [...]

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What to Do About Deer in Your Garden

Are there deer in your garden? Follow these tips to keep them out. Deer are known for their graceful countenance. However, they’re not so graceful when they wander into your yard and start trampling and eating your carefully planted shrubs and flowers! Luckily, there are things you can do to discourage deer from [...]

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