4 Landscaping Tricks and Tips

Tarps are the universal tool for landscapers – get one of your own today! Landscaping can be a lot of hard work – designing, digging, hauling, mulching, planting, mowing, the works! Professional landscapers work hard so that you don’t have to, but you may find some of their tricks and tips useful as [...]

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Plants that Keep in the Cool: Container Gardening for Autumn from Rhine Landscaping

When the foliage begins changing and the seasons change from summer to fall, the major growing season disappears almost as quickly as the leaves from trees as winter encroaches. For those with green thumbs and gardening prowess, we’ve got a suggestion to keep your hands digging in the dirt a little while longer: plant some [...]

Landscaping Tips

Proper landscaping can totally transform the look and feel of your backyard. But the term landscaping encompasses so much. How do you know where to start? This article from EzineArticles.com provides several landscape tips and tricks to get you started. Arrange an on-site consultation with a qualified landscaper: They will be able to give you [...]

A Peek at New Plants this Summer

With summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time to get your landscape in order. And nothing gives your garden that undeniable curb appeal like new, breathtaking plants. New Flowers to Liven up your Landscape Starlite Prairieblues: This plant’s beautiful periwinkle blue flowers with buttery-yellow keels will grow to 3-6 inches tall. Cherries [...]

Tips for Winter Lawn Care and Maintenance

Don’t let winter keep your lawn from staying green in the spring! Don’t put away your green thumb just yet—despite the dropping temperature and falling leaves, winter lawn care and maintenance is just as important as lawn care in any season. Now is the ideal time to get ahead of your lawn maintenance [...]

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Common Landscaping Mistakes in Maryland

With so many online guides to landscaping, it’s no wonder that people often find themselves confused, or committing errors. It’s hard to know if your source is reputable, and often advice that works for one person’s yard may not work for another’s.  Rather than offer specific advice that may not work for you,  Rhine Landscaping [...]

Landscaping Tips for 2015

2015 is a new year, a time for change. While many people make New Year’s resolutions for themselves each year, it’s also worth thinking about your yard a little. Is there anything you’d like to change? Things you could have done differently in 2014? Well now’s the time to do better! That’s why Rhine Landscaping [...]

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Winter Water Feature Maintenance: Fountains and Fishless Ponds

Water features can give your landscape a sense of natural whimsy, and offer an excellent place to relax and read or observe nature. Of course, your water feature requires regular maintenance during the spring, summer, and fall to keep its serene beauty. This is especially true, for the month of winter, when improper care of [...]

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Cooking Outdoors with Pizza Ovens and Barbecue Pits

Taking the cooking experience out of the kitchen and out of doors instead is a transformative experience that welcomes social situations. Though freestanding grills are the reigning rulers in the world of backyard barbeques, there are several other superb selections for your outdoor cuisine-preparation needs. Pizza ovens or barbeque pits are classic cooking apparatuses that [...]

Tropical Living: Preparing Your Delicate Plants for Winter

Tropical plants are bold and lush, offering an exotic variation to landscapes, but as the cooler months encroach, one crucial question remains to be answered: will they survive the winter weather? At Rhine Landscaping, we have a few basic tips to offer up to help you keep your plants bundled up and protected against the [...]

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