The Most Common Landscaping Mistakes, Part 2

Too many different colors can soon become overwhelming to the viewer. When deciding which plants to put in your yard, do you know which ones are native and which ones are invasive? How about how much water and shade they need? Or how long they’ll bloom? Don’t worry, this is what your landscaper [...]

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Common Landscaping Mistakes in Maryland

With so many online guides to landscaping, it’s no wonder that people often find themselves confused, or committing errors. It’s hard to know if your source is reputable, and often advice that works for one person’s yard may not work for another’s.  Rather than offer specific advice that may not work for you,  Rhine Landscaping [...]

Common Landscaping Mistakes in Baltimore

There’s quite a number of landscaping tutorials to be found online, a large percentage of which offer conflicting opinions or misinformation. Doubtlessly, your most assured recipe for success is hiring a professional who knows what’s what when it comes to lawn care. But if you insist on DIY there’s a definite list of mistakes you [...]

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