Ways To Ensure Perfect Garden Bed Edges

Create the perfect garden landscape. Some of the best gardeners or homeowners who have foundation beds, comprehend the importance of creating the perfect edge. These people understand the importance of edging. Edging is the creation of a designated line to distinguish between two different landscape designs. […]

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Bulb Care 101: How to Make Them Flourish

Bulbs can completely change up the dynamic of your garden! Under the right care and conditions, bulbs can be some of the most powerful tools that a gardener has. They are a great way to breathe life into a stale winter landscape and celebrate the beauty of spring. If you are interested in [...]

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How to Create the Perfect Garden Bed Edges

You can finish off your clean edges with some cut stone for a professional look! Edging is a critical part of cohesive landscaping. Edging is the creation of a defining line between different landscaping features, such as a garden or a lawn. Garden bed edges add clear boundaries, definition, and a sense of [...]

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Freshly Fragrant Flowers

Choose flowers that add fragrant flair to your yard. When it comes to planting flowers for spring, you may want to incorporate the ones that smell just as beautiful as they look. There is something really special about walking outside and inhaling the sweet scent of floral bliss. So, today, we’re going to [...]

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Trends in Landscaping

Of all the trends sweeping the nation, the green gardening movement is perhaps one of the most interesting. In a field that was once dominated by pesticides, poisons, and other materials that directly impact the environment, more and more people are beginning to use natural products in their landscaping ventures. The movement is one back [...]

What Flowers Are Best for Summer?

What flowers should you be planting during the summer? Read on to find out more. Summer is here and your garden is, hopefully, packed with beautiful bountiful blooms. If you haven’t finished all of your summer gardening yet, or if you are already planning ahead for next year, here are some of the [...]

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How to Control Deer in Your Garden

Deer can be a huge pest and ruin your garden, but there are a few steps you can take to prevent that. There’s nothing worse than putting an immense amount of time and hard work into your garden only to have it ruined by deer. Deer can do massive amounts of damage to [...]

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Growing Plants to Attract Wildlife

Growing the right plants can attract all kinds of beautiful wildlife to your yard. Your yard may benefit from the addition of some lively birds, butterflies, and bees. The sounds of buzzing and chirping will make your yard seem like the whole thing is alive. If you start growing the proper plants, you [...]

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Annual Flowers and You

Annuals make beautiful additions to any garden   Though the weather outside is pretty frightful, spring will soon be here. Thus, the time has come to start thinking about the kinds of flowers you might want to introduce into your gardens and landscapes. There are lots of different kinds of flowers to choose [...]

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