Swimming Pool, Patio, Waterfall in Howard County

For homeowners in Howard County, this family was looking for an outdoor living space that would be great not only for their family and friends, but an inviting area for the grandkids!
Our Design Team took all of the requests, designing a gorgeous backyard that features a nearly 700 square foot custom-shaped swimming pool, adorned with Nicolock Full Nose Charcoal pavers with a beautiful Serpentine Marine perimeter color.
A PA Fieldstone natural boulder waterfall is an incredible centerpiece, and when the sun goes down, the custom light installs within both the waterfall and the swimming pool really shine!
A 1,040 square foot, Oceanic Blue & Charcoal-colored Nicolock Stoneridge and Stoneridge XL paver patio and pool deck was also built, extending around the backyard and up to the Boulder Steppers and Walking Path.
An Alumi-Guard Ascot 3 Channel pool fence, underground drainage system, planting, landscaping, and site restoration were also provided.