What’s better than having your own backyard oasis, enjoying the outdoor living lifestyle? Your own pool, patio, firepit, or patio with so little need to venture in the car and head to a community pool, or even the beach! Being a pool owner, though, requires a lot of maintenance and dedication to keep your swimming pool in the best shape as possible. Specifically in hot weather, here are some top recommendations to get you through the heat and still enjoy all of what your backyard has to offer!

Pool Maintenance:
If your swimming pool is shaded by trees or tall bushes, and you have the chance of debris going into your pool, be sure to keep the filters clean. Skimming the surface with a net is one of the easier and quicker tasks, and then move on to the filters. This will help with the normal flow of water. Properly cleaning and maintaining the pump is key to this as well, and be sure to prime the pump as needed by first turning it off before removing the basket.

Pool Water Temperature:
Did you know that the preferred temperature for a pool is 80 degrees? This is partially dependent on your location, of course, and preference. Furthermore, did you know that for each degree the temperature rises in your pool, it can have a direct relation to an increase of electricity costs of over 10%? To ensure a proper temperature, install and maintain a heater system. This will keep the water temperature at a constant level that you need relative to the outside air. If you are going out of town, know you will not be using the pool for an extended period of time, or perhaps the weather is cooling down, consider turning off the heater. It’s actually cheaper to reheat a pool than to keep it running when not actually needed.

A Pool Timer:
According to the USDE, it is suggested that water circulation for at least six hours each day is crucial to maintain proper chemical balance. If your climate is much hotter than normal, an increase of water movement may be required. Rather than doing this manually each time so as to avoid stagnant water, consider the use of a pool timer. You can set this to cycle at the same time and duration each day or intermittently. Some controllers even sync with smartphones if you are out of town.

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