Installing a Swimming Pool

You have the perfect house and backyard, but does it have enough space for a swimming pool?

You want a backyard swimming pool.  You’d like a huge pool that will accommodate your family and a dozen friends.  How about a waterfall feature and a dive rock?  Now, let’s not forget a sunken kitchen or swim-up bar.  There are so many amazing options available but you need to consider many important steps while planning your dream backyard.   


Important Questions

As you plan your outdoor oasis, keep in mind these few important questions.  Answering these will help guide you in determining what is most conducive for your property.
  1.  How much space can be used for your pool?
  2.  How many people would be using the pool, and if you have friends or family over, how many would you like the pool to accommodate?
  3.  What is the purpose of the pool?

Considering Space

There’s a wide variety of pool shapes, sizes, styles, and depths to choose from. Most American pools range from 14 to 20 feet wide and 28 to 40 feet long, so you want at least that much space plus a bit more for breathing room. Lap pools and diving pools require much more space, and if you have a family, you may want a larger pool that has a shallow end for children. Installing a swimming pool may not be your only concern; you’ll certainly want to keep enough space for other backyard amenities as well, such as a patio, gazebo, or outdoor kitchen, as well as the pumps, drains, and mechanical equipment for the pool.

The Pool Shape and Design

While you may only be limited by your imagination and budget, the overall shape of your pool is limitless.  The most popular shape is rectangular, and is often chosen as it fits well with the landscaping of the home.  A freeform pool doesn’t have a standard shape or hard lines; instead, it flows freely and into just about any design you would like.  A lagoon style is similar to a freeform, but has more of a snake-like appearance.  A hottub or spa is a great compliment to these designs.  Roman-edged pools are quite popular and have squared edges with a center arch.  Infinity pools, also known as vanishing pools, have edges that allow water to either go up to the peak or at times, splash over like a waterfall.  They give an appearance of having no edge and can have an incredible visual impact and appeal.

Navigating Restrictions

Your perfect home may have come with a few restrictions you didn’t consider at first. For example, there may be a septic tank system running under your property, so it’s important to check for those as well. Be certain that you aren’t interfering with any utility lines that may be under your yard. If your home is on a hillside, that can prove to be an issue as well, so contact a pool contractor to take a look at your space and see if installing a swimming pool is possible.

Leaving Room for Equipment, Lounging, and Other Additions

As you plan your swimming pool, don’t lose sight of the pool equipment.  You can hide these with a latice or fence and often do not take up too much space.  If you would like a spa or hot tub, whether separate from the pool or integrated within, these, too, can add to the required space.  A nice hardscape patio to lounge and read a book, or an outdoor kitchen, all of this plays into your amazing backyard that you can enjoy for years ahead!

The Latest Swimming Pool Design Trends from Rhine Landscaping

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