Summer is here and the weather is getting warmer.  As the temperature rises and humidity increases, there are certain steps that are recommended to ensure that your landscaping stays in tip-top shape.  Here are our top three recommendations.

  1.  Water early in the morning.  One of the most important reasons for this is that if you water your plants later in the day, the water has a higher chance of evaporating.  If you’re unable to do this, consider using a sprinkler or automated timer system.
  2. Use plenty of mulch.  A couple inches of mulch will keep the temperature at a more appropriate level.  The moisture level would be higher as well as it takes longer to evaporate.
  3. When the weather is predicted to be hotter than normal, keep your grass longer than you usually would have it cut.  Having your grass a couples inches longer will minimize grass burn and ensure that it stays green throughout the season.

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