Ah, summertime.  Backyard barbecues, children playing in the sprinklers and family gatherings.  As more and more people are spending the better part of their days and evenings outside during this season, there are many quick tips to keep your landscaping in tip-top shape.  Here are a few of our recommendations that will help keep your yard healthy throughout the season and beyond!

  • Properly watering your landscape. 
    • Water your plants less often, but provide enough water each time.
    • Grass should receive about an inch of water per week.  It is recommended to water in the early morning and evening so as to reduce the amount of evaporation.
    • Consider a drip irrigation as the water release is more controlled, rather than a sprinkler or hose that creates significantly more water in a shorter amount of time, thus leading to puddles or run-off.
  • Grass health.
    • Your lawn should be aerated as that will improve the oxygen flow.  Check the soil pH balance to ensure the most proper grass health.
    • Some homeowners may fertilize at the start of a season, but depending on your situation, it’s perfectly normal to fertilize throughout the summer if your grass, plants, or shrubs need a boost.  Be sure to remove weeds as they can disrupt plant health.
  • Mowing your lawn. We have covered this in other blog posts, but while cutting your grass short may save the frequency that you have to cut your lawn, doing so can actually cause it to burn and die.  Set your mower to allow the grass to be about 3-4″ in height.
  • Give attention to the plants on your deck and patio. Many people add potted flowers and herbs to their outdoor living spaces in the summer months. If doing so, protect your investment and enjoy them fully by watering potted plants regularly, add mulch to pots to help retain moisture and place them in spots where they will get shade during the day.
  • Consider a container drip irrigation system. Whether you use an in-ground irrigation watering system or a timer affixed to potted plants, these devices will help ensure that your plants and shrubs are properly watered at the correct intervals.

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